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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dog Shedding Problem

Guess who has the shedding problem. You got it - Sandy! I have resigned myself to the fact that Sandy is going to refresh my memory on every dog training trick I ever knew or tired and she will probably have me inventing one or two new ones.

Yes, Sandy sheds. Not just a few hairs, of course, but clumps. When I first saw Sandy at the shelter, before I adopted her, I picked her up. I didn't adopt her until the next day but I did take home enough of her hair to clog the lint filter on the dryer. When I picked up Sandy and Lily at the shelter, I brought my brush with me. I have a great brush. It's called the Snap-N-Clean Pet Brush and has a rubber inset that lifts over the bristles and pulls up the hair in one clump. I don't know how many times I brushed Sandy the first three days I had her, but I brushed all her shedding hair off. I have six different pet brushes, but the Snap-N-Clean is the only one that works for heavy shedding and doesn't hurt my dog's skin.

I normally have my dogs groomed every 8-10 weeks and have their hair cut to about 1/4 inch. I will be grooming Sandy every 4-6 weeks because her hair is so long and sheds so quickly. I can use my brush in between groomings and I have also tried a furminator. This is a great grooming tool and I use it for Sandy in between visits to the groomer. I don't do my own grooming because with three dogs it would very time consuming. I'd rather play with them and train them and let the professionals deal with grooming.

You can groom your own dog and it is something I did when I only had one dog. If done right, it gives you one more chance to bond with your dog and show them that grooming can be a good experience.

Please share any grooming stories you have.

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